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Technical engineer

Job Posting Date:  Nov 23, 2022
Location:  Guangzhou EQ Plant
Contract Type:  Permanent Position

Atotech, a brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, develops leading process and manufacturing technologies for advanced surface modification, electroless and electrolytic plating and surface finishing. Applying a comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach, Atotech's portfolio includes chemistry, equipment, software and services for innovative and high-technology applications. These solutions are used in a wide variety of end-markets, including datacenter, consumer electronics and communications infrastructure, as well as in numerous industrial and consumer applications such as automotive, heavy machinery, and household appliances.

With its well-established innovative strength and industry-leading global TechCenter network, MKS delivers pioneering solutions through its Atotech brand - combined with unparalleled on-site support for customers worldwide. For more information about Atotech, please visit us at


1. 负责双语用户手册的编写。
Be responsible for bilingual user manual writing. 
2. 与销售团队合作以阐明技术规范。 支持销售成本计算和报价。
Work with sales team to clarify technical specifications. Support sales in cost calculation and quotation.
3. 负责布局图。 与销售和客户沟通,了解客户要求和现场条件,解决和解决问题。
Be responsible for layout drawing. Communicate with sales & customer, understand customer request and site conditions, address and solve problems. 
4. 负责P&I绘图。 确保实现所有技术规范并满足客户要求。
Be responsible for P&I drawing. Ensure all technical specification is realized and meet customer request. 
5. 与设计师合作解决生产中的技术问题。 从生产中收集反馈以进行设计优化。
Work with designers to solve technical problems in production. Collect feedbacks from production for design optimization. 
6. 负责所有文件管理,如文件变更的管控。
Be responsible for all document management, such as MOC…
7. 经理安排的其他事项。
Other issues arranged by manager

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