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HSE Engineer 1

Job Posting Date:  Nov 7, 2023
Location:  Guangzhou EQ Plant
Contract Type:  Permanent Position


Atotech (NYSE: ATC) is a leading specialty chemicals technology company and a market leader in advanced electroplating solutions. Atotech delivers chemistry, equipment, software, and services for innovative technology applications through an integrated systems-and-solutions approach. Atotech solutions are used in a wide variety of end-markets, including smartphones and other consumer electronics, communications infrastructure, and computing, as well as in numerous industrial and consumer applications such as automotive, heavy machinery, and household appliances.

Atotech, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a team of 4,000 experts in over 40 countries generating annual revenues of $1.2 billion (2020). Atotech has manufacturing operations across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. With its well-established innovative strength and industry-leading global TechCenter network, Atotech delivers pioneering solutions combined with unparalleled on-site support for over 9,000 customers worldwide.

Atotech maintains a deep commitment to using our R&D and innovative power to lower the environmental burden of manufacturing, through reducing the use of harmful chemicals, energy and water. Atotech is a truly global company – it recently listed on the NYSE, yet is headquartered in Germany and enjoys a strong presence in Asia.

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  1. 协助制定和修改各项HSE管理制度,并负责各体系的推行,确保其符合相关的法规和公司。
  2. 负责消防系统和设备(灭火器、应急灯等)的定期检查与保养(或监督设备所在部门完成保养),监督消防维修保养承包商的测试与维护保养工作,跟进检查中发现的问题。确保安全消防设备的完好率。定期组织消防演习和义务消防队的演习培训。
  3. 安全环保设备(包括洗眼器、应急柜、通风除尘设施等)的定期检查与保养(或监督设备所在部门完成保养),监督消防维修保养承包商的测试与维护保养工作,跟进检查中发现的问题。
  4. 负责公司内供应商的HSE管理和监督;负责新项目及维修改造工作的环境安全管理工作,包括施工人员培训、安美特安全政策要求的贯彻、现场的安全监管等。
  5. 执行变更管理,与相关部门对一些新工艺、新设备或改造工程进行风险评估,并跟进相关的改进措施
  6. 日常的环境安全检查,包括员工遵守安全守则的情况,是否有不安全行为,及厂房设备的安全状态。
  7. 安全环保整改项目的跟进,安全环保及5S检查中发现问题的跟进。
  8. 监督相关部门对特种设备及特种作业人员的办证、年审及日常管理的情况。
  9. 政府所需环保报表的填写与上报,公司危险废弃物的管理。
  10. 相关方安全环境调查表的填写。
  11. 公司及上级交办的其它事项。



  1. 专科或以上学历,安全、环境或工程类专业
  2. 2年以上中型制造企业HSE工作经验,具有机加工行业工作经验尤佳
  3. 良好的团队合作精神和沟通能力,有工作热情和责任感
  4. 英语读写流利

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